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Tatama (Colombia) 250g


Looking for a delicious and complex coffee experience? Look no further than Tatama, a premium coffee blend sourced from the Huila region of Colombia. Made with the finest Catuaí coffee beans and processed using the washed method, Tatama boasts a rich and flavorful taste that will leave you wanting more.


With its high altitude growing conditions ranging from 1,510m to 2,000m, Tatama is a truly exceptional coffee. Its flavor profile is highlighted by notes of sweet molasses, earthy chestnut, and juicy blueberry. This blend is perfect for coffee lovers who enjoy a balanced, full-bodied brew.


Tatama is versatile and can be brewed using a variety of methods, including espresso, moka pot, and French press. Whether you prefer a quick shot of espresso in the morning or a slow and leisurely French press brew, Tatama delivers a satisfying and memorable coffee experience.


Looking to buy Tatama coffee beans? You can find them in our store in Geneva, or simply place your coffee bean order online with our coffee delivery subscription service. Try Tatama today and experience the rich and flavorful taste of one of Colombia's finest coffee blends.



* origin: Colombia (Huila, Pitalito, San Adolfo)

* variety: Catuaï

* process: Washed

* altitude: 1’510 m – 2’000 m

* notes: Molasses, chestnut, blueberry

* methods: espresso, moka pot, french press




Tatama (Colombie) 250g


Vous recherchez une expérience de café délicieuse et complexe ? Ne cherchez pas plus loin que Tatama, un mélange de café haut de gamme provenant de la région de Huila