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Tamiru (Ethiopia) 250g


Introducing Tamiru, a speciality coffee from Ethiopia, roasted in Switzerland, and available for purchase online or in our Geneva coffee shop. This 250g bag of coffee beans is sourced from the Bensa Woreda region in the Sidama area of Ethiopia, and features the 74158 variety. The honey process used to prepare these beans produces a complex flavor profile with notes of tangerine, bergamot, coffee blossom, and apricot.


Tamiru is a coffee that can be enjoyed in a variety of methods including espresso, moka pot, ibrik, filter, and French press. Depending on the brewing method, you can experience different flavors such as orange, peach, raisin, almond, cashew, wild berry, black tea, spice, nectarine, dried apricot, and more. The coffee offers a full body and long-lasting flavor with a complex acidity and creamy mouthfeel.


At our coffee shop in Geneva, you can taste Tamiru and explore its many facets. Alternatively, you can order online and have it delivered to your doorstep with our coffee delivery subscription service. With a monthly subscription, you can enjoy the best coffee beans to buy each month without having to worry about running out. For those who prefer to buy coffee beans near me, you can visit our shop directly in Geneva and take home a bag of Tamiru to enjoy at your convenience.


It's back! We couldn't help but talk to Tamiru again and pick out another great lot!


After his success last year in the Cup of Excellence, we tried a wide variety of lots this year.


We decided to go for a honey process which blew us away.

What can we say.... This coffee is just rad.... Sooooo complex and so many flavors depending on whether you drink it as an espresso or filter. We have orange, tangerine, bergamot, peach, raisin, coffee blossom, almond, cashew, wild berry, black tea, spice, nectarine, dried apricot and more. Of course, depending on water, temp, extraction, recipe and set up, it shows an incredible number of faces!


But do not worry, each of its facets is a blast and makes you happy!


Full body and long-lasting


The acidity is ultra-complex, the mouthfeel is creamy and dense. The flavors are very layered and beautiful.


* origin: Ethiopia (Bensa Woreda, Sidama region)

* variety: 74158

* process: Honey

* altitude: 2’340 m – 2’480 m

* notes: Tangerine, bergamot, coffee blossom, apricot

* methods: espresso, moka pot, ibrik, filter, french press


Tamiru 250g (Ethiopia)

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