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What a versatile coffee. We are tossed back and forth between dried fruit and seductive floral notes. It is controversial in itself because it brings together the floral and fruity components like no other. The floral touch is a testament to the original Ethiopian origins of the Rume Sudan bean, while the processing rounds off the coffee with a fruity flavour.

This is your sunrise coffee, which opens up like a flower the longer you let it sit. As an espresso, it is a sweet, fruity experience, and as a cappuccino, it brings back childhood memories of butter biscuits dipped in milk.


* origin: El Salvador (Usulutan region)

* variety: 74158

* process: Rume Sudan

* altitude: 1'400 m

* notes: Dried fig, jasmine, butter biscuit

* methods: espresso, moka pot, ibrik, filter, french press

Los Pirineos (El Salvador) 250g

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